Midi Control

Cutupsampler can be played with a MIDI keyboard, controller, or sequencer. Use the "MIDI dev" dropdown box at the top of Cutupsampler's window to select the appropriate MIDI interface.

Cutupsampler recognizes MIDI note and note off (velocity 0) messages. (Except for note-offs, velocity is ignored.)

Cutupsampler also allows you to control the following parameters by assigning them to whatever MIDI Control Change (CC) numbers you like:

To control any of these parameters over MIDI, configure your controller to transmit one of its controllers via a particular CC number, and then enter that number in the relevant number box in Cutupsampler's interface.

Cutupsampler's "speed" dial is linked to the MIDI pitch bend controller.

Sequencer control

Cutupsampler can be controlled by a ReWire-enabled application. To use MIDI control through ReWire's virtual MIDI interface, first start the ReWire host application, and then start Cutupsampler. You should notice a device in the "MIDI dev" box named "ReWire 1" (or something similar).

The various options that you may have available to you depends on the particular software that you are using, but, generally speaking, Cutupsampler's "MIDI dev" box should have a ReWire-related option in the same way that its "audio out" box should have an "ad_rewire" option. If you have trouble either getting your host application to recognize Cutupsampler or vice-versa, experiment with the order in which you start the applications. The first time you use Cutupsampler with a ReWire host, you may need to try running both of them together, then closing both of them, then opening them back up again.