Cutupsampler has a number of controls that let you shape its sound, organized into the following groups:

Keys & low key

The "keys" box controls the number of cuts that Cutupsampler makes to the sound file — and, as a result, the number of keys that are recognized during performance. The "low key" box indicates, on a MIDI keyboard, which is the lowest key in the range. It's not relevant when Cutupsampler is in computer-keyboard mode.


The Speed dial controls Cutupsampler's playback speed. It is linked to the MIDI pitch bend controller.


The "forward" and "reverse" buttons toggle playback between forward and reverse modes. This toggle is linked to the MIDI controller specified in the adjacent "cc#" box. The "loop" checkbox turns on looping of each note.


The envelope graph controls each note's amplitude envelope. It is not applied when Cutupsampler has looping enabled (see above). Use the mouse to drag points around in the envelope graph to change the shape of the envelope. Click any place to add a point where none exist yet, and shift-click any existing point to remove it.

Tremolo and Ring Modulation

Tremolo is the sinusoidal fluctuation of signal amplitude at a sub-audio frequency (for example, a fluctuation at 8 Hz), and ring modulation is the same thing, but at an audio frequency. Ring modulation causes overtones to be added to the carrier signal. The rate dial in this group controls the tremolo rate, from 1 to 500 cycles per second (scaled exponentially), and the depth dial controls the amount of attenuation, from 0 to 100 percent of the signal level. The "cc" boxes below the rate and depth dials govern which MIDI controllers are linked to these parameters.


Vibrato is the sinusoidal fluctuation of pitch. The "rate" dial controls the rate of variation, from 0 to 8 cycles per second, and the "depth" dial controls the depth of pitch change, from 0 to 12 semitones. As noted above, there are "cc" boxes below these dials that allow them to be linked to MIDI controllers. The default for vibrato rate is the mod wheel.