Various recordings I've made over the past few decades.

Some of these also appear in my Soundcloud account.

See my Freesound page for sound effects and field recordings.

Some old Compositions

House of Language and Meat (2009)

A collision of educational records, gastronomy, and some random other topics; told in dialog, music, and other sound.

This project incorporates the talents of people from the New School for Drama, New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, and the New School for General Studies. Thanks also to Don Castro for his contributions, and to Jim Briggs for his advisement and help.

Written, recorded, and mixed by Mark Breedlove (NSGS).

Performed by: Tyler Caffall (NS Drama), Don Castro, Bethany Fustos (NS Drama), Tanis Parenteau (NS Drama), Mark Breedlove.

Music: "Displacement" by Ezekiel Honig (NSGS), Improvisation by Killer Bob (Rob Lundberg, Max Jaffe, Dave Scanlon) (NS Jazz and Contemporary Music)

Are You There? (2008)

Field recordings, answering machine recording, other sources. Produced for A New School sound design class with Jim Briggs, 2008.

Attribution: 30827_shewbox_Clicky_Knob_Turning (CC Attribution).

Living Language (1994/5)

Old speech and language training records from the Brooklyn Public Library and other found sources. Tascam 388 mixer / tape machine, guitar delay pedal, etc.

Peace and Power and Joy (1994/5)

Same basic thing as Living Language.

Mixing: Killer BOB, New School Radio, 2008 / 2009

When I was at the New School I mixed down the following tracks from a recording session by Killer BOB, a band of New School Jazz students, who are now known as JOBS.

Climatized Asphalt
No Teeth
She Follows The Moon

Other Projects

Theatrical Sound Design, "Confessions" (2006)

Sound design for New York Fringe Festival play, Confessions, August 2006, The Studio at Cherry Lane Theater, directed by Dongshin Chang. I created the sound effects and cued them during the performances.