Quick Start

  1. If you're using a MIDI controller (e.g. keyboard or other such device):
    1. Select an appropriate device from the "MIDI dev" menu.
    2. Select the MIDI channel on which the device will be transmitting, from the "MIDI ch" box.
    3. Adjust "# keys" to cut the audio sample file up into more or fewer chunks. each chunk will be mapped to a key/note of the MIDI controller. Adjust "low key" to define the key to use as the start of the total, overall sample.
  2. If you want to use the computer keyboard:
    1. In the "controller" panel, select "computer kbd".
    2. Optionally, select your locale in the "Keyboard" menu.
  3. Select an appropriate audio output device from the "audio out" box.
  4. Click "load sound file" and select a WAV or AIFF audio file.
  5. Play!