Most of the menu items in Cutupsampler's menu bar are pretty standard for Mac applications, but here is an explanation of the ones that are not.

The File menu and its items (New, Open, Save, and Save As) are unimplemented.

Most of the items in the Edit menu are also unimplemented. The exception is Overdrive. Overdrive should normally be left in its default selected state. This option causes Cutupsampler to schedule audio-related computational tasks (such as producing sound and listening for MIDI notes) at higher priority than tasks that redraw the user interface.

Keyboard allows you to select your locale for determining how your computer keyboard gets mapped to notes.

In the Documentation menu, Cutupsampler Website will send you to the main page of the program's website.

In Updates, Cutupsampler Website Downloads will take you to the page for downloading the most recent update of the application.

The Help menu is not implemented.